David Hernández Escalante

Full Stack Web Developer

Contributions and personal projects


Multi-tenant platform that enables the management of permissions for shared physical accesses using a mobile application. My responsibilities in this project included understanding the business requirements, the user needs, and the technical constraints of the platform. I also contributed to the programming of the Arduino devices that were installed in the physical access points and received the signals from the servers. In the front end side, I contributed with the admin panel, mobile app and landing page. Developed using Vue and Laravel.

Forecaster Games

Project that leveraged statistics from the four major American sports leagues to create a variety of games such as fantasy sports, result prediction, and tournament bracket predictions. My specific contributions included constructing complex interfaces and writing intricate queries to ensure the accuracy and functionality of the games. Developed using jQuery, Vue and Laravel.



Personal project for real time collaborative note taking. Developed with Vue and CouchDB. It also works as a PWA.

You can take a look using the user demo  with the password password (I know, how original).


Minderal 2.0

A more ambitious version of minderal, making it more fast, beautiful and useful. Refactoring all code, migrating to Vue 3 and redesigning the usability. Work in progress. 


A complementary tool for minderal, it allows you to get quick access to your data pressing a hot key on your keyboard. Developed using Vue and Electron.



Proof of concept for consuming the Spotify API and make shared queues. Developed using Vue. This is an ugly one.


Retrosistema Website

Website made for my rock band. I have the opportunitty to work with cool JS libraries like PixiJS and ParticlesJS.


Gamebit Playable Screen

Contributed in the layout of the playable screen, including button configuration, playable nipple jostick and decorations.